What We Do

Platform Strategy uses a proprietary branding and publicity process to catapult people, companies, and causes to leading positions in their fields.

For Remarkable People

Every profession has a handful of leading voices. They are high-visibility media magnets, they win book deals, get lucrative speaking engagements, attract high-value business, win elections, and otherwise dominate their space. In essence, these alpha players are visible, credible, articulate leaders who stand well above the competition. We know that any remarkable person can become the leading voice of their field and we make that happen.

We define and package your expertise to create a unique compelling personal brand – the best authentic you. Then we build a foundation around that brand; in effect creating your platform which is the sum total of your online footprint, articles, book(s), messaging, speech(es), professional network, charity ties, product(s), service(s), constituent database, and other foundational elements.

Concurrently, our clients are image coached for maximum presence, trained to be engaging professional speakers, and media trained to deliver their message in a thoughtful, concise, entertaining, and articulate manner. We then do a three-step brand rollout supported by proprietary celebrity-level publicity techniques to assure maximum appropriate exposure with broad media attention and support.

Thereafter we manage and monetize your brand to assure constant forward motion while continuously probing relevant markets for new opportunities. Are you ready to discover just how far you can go? Call us.

For Companies, Firms, Causes & Projects

We do exceptional branding, public relations, and publicity for companies, professional firms, important causes, and projects including films; so do many other companies. Our differentiator, and the reason why our clients leap past their competition, is as follows:

While your competitors are trying to differentiate themselves with a new brochure, by sponsoring business breakfasts, issuing non-strategic press releases, or struggling with a new website our team is doing something very different. We build a compelling mediagenic brand and then launch it with Hollywood-style publicity, social media, buzz agents, and everything else in our proprietary quiver. Then we help you to capture all possible profit and valuation benefits while hardwiring success into your company or project to assure continued synergies and unprecedented results.

Whether you are launching a new effort or relaunching an existing offering in a crowded field, it is critical to leap onto the scene with niche-capturing media-spotlighted boldness. We identify the opportunity, make sure you’re ready, and then focus like a laser on your success. Would you like to know what’s possible for your company or project? Give us a call.