Professionals: Law, Medicine & Finance

If you are a professional within any of these categories you have a personal brand. You know it; you obsess over it, and often wonder if you’re wasting marketing dollars chasing some illusory benefits. It’s a new economic world out there where expensive brochures, flashy offices, pricey complicated websites, and sponsoring business breakfasts just aren’t enough any more. As far as enhancing your personal brand is concerned, those activities have pretty much lost their relevance.

You want more clients or patients, higher margins, and for your practice value to skyrocket but some of your competitors might be leaving you in the dust. They’re giving expert opinions on CNN, getting great speaking engagements, attracting most of the best clients or patients, and everyone is talking about them. These competitors are the leading voices of your profession and you can become one of them.

At Platform Strategy we know the difference between the wildly successful 1% in any field and the other 99% lost in the clutter. That difference is a Powerful Personal Brand and creating them is what we do.

Here are just a few examples of how we help professional clients gain visibility, recognition, credibility, and enhanced income:

  • A television appearance as the expert in your field generates 20 times more business than a $7,500 advertisement; our publicity experts make those happen.
  • A nationally known expert trumps a local brand almost every time in the competition for high value clients or patients; our branding experts help you become known across the country.
  • A professional who focuses on one or more niche markets has a more powerful brand than a generalist; we help you identify and dominate profitable markets.

We package your expertise into a compelling personal brand and then you will work with our image, media, and speech trainers to become an even more concise, articulate, and entertaining communicator. Concurrently we work on your “Big Speech”, strategic articles, speaking engagements, and other elements of your platform; typically including a book deal with a recognized publisher.

Finally we focus like a laser on building and monetizing your brand with a unique mix of powerful branding, celebrity level publicity, and business development. With the Platform Strategy process you will attract the best clients/patients, become a media magnet, and draw the financial and other benefits that accrue to the leading voices of any specialty. If you’re ready for the highest level of professional success, call us.