We help people and organizations that propel important causes to build compelling brands and maximize their visibility. In a tough economy with intense competition for scarce donations a handful of local, regional, and national 501c3s attract substantial donations, qualified volunteers, and celebrity endorsements. These organizations are the 501c3 elite and putting your group among them is what we do.

Branding Non Profits

Optimal branding is vital to every non profit and is one of the differentiators between the top 1% and every other organization. A non profit brand is more than just logos and strong websites, although those are elements that we include with impressive results. Our branding process begins with creating a compelling story, supported by powerful images and persuasive messages, packaged more professionally than the largest and most established charities.

We build powerful non profit brands with a strong brand promise that defines your qualities, differentiates you from the competition, and then we wrap your leaders, staff, contributors, and volunteers into your organization’s story.

The Platform Strategy team helps create your messaging and talking points, then media, speech, and image trains your leaders to share your message in a concise, articulate and entertaining manner. These are just a few of our branding and packaging efforts that build a platform from which to launch effective continuing visibility and publicity campaigns.

Publicity and Visibility

Visibility is vital to success in the non profit world and the Platform Strategy team makes that happen. Media attention energizes donors, staff, and volunteers. A Good Morning America appearance or event a local radio interview can be vastly more valuable and economical than a direct mail campaign.

We bring publicity techniques from the entertainment and publishing industries to get your non profit and its leaders noticed, to build excitement, and keep your organization in the news.

CNN, The Today Show, Fox News Live, USA Today and many other media outlets have featured our non profit clients in the last months. Celebrity endorsements, corporate co-marketing deals, and mediagenic events all raise your visibility and our in-house publicists make that happen.

The media wants to help a well-presented worthy cause. Corporations and celebrities almost always step up when asked by the most mediagenic non profits. Only a handful of charities will have the seemingly endless supply of resources that comes with media attention and enhanced visibility. Your non profit can be one of them.

Do you want to learn how quickly your organization can reach the next level with a powerful visible brand? Call us.