Candidates & Pre-Candidates

If you are a candidate for public office or if you are considering a run in the future, your personal brand is the very foundation of your campaign and the strength of that brand is the difference between winning elections and not.

At Platform Strategy we know the difference between wildly successful candidates and the others who are simply lost in the clutter. That difference is a Compelling Personal Brand and creating them is what we do.

This Compelling Personal Brand is based on the totality of your platform. This isn’t your candidate platform in the political sense, although that is one element, but rather your platform is the sum total of your books, articles, speaking engagements, media appearances, database(s), blog, website(s), association positions, specialized education, and professional relationships.

We focus like a laser on maximizing each element of your platform to assure they operate synergistically to make you the leading voice of your field. Concurrently we image, media, and speech train our clients to assure a credible, concise, and entertaining delivery of their message. We then apply powerful publicity and media strategies for high visibility recognition.

We have a proven process to efficiently grow your identity into a national brand. We also create additional income streams for clients that may, or may not, choose to run in the future with book deals, speaking opportunities, consulting engagements, and more.

Successful personal branding encompasses something that winning candidates have known since FDR; great messaging, excellent presence, a good database, and a home run speech are uber powerful in an election and usually determinative of the outcome. We develop and perfect each of these elements while maximizing their name recognition.

Winning candidates aren’t born mediagenic or with a powerful platform. Ask a Georgia peanut farmer, an Arkansas governor, or an out of work actor; they each found a path to the White House with compelling branding and celebrity-level publicity. If you have an important message and political aspirations, call us.