The Platform Strategy team helps both new and established authors build powerful personal brands to increase their visibility and income while driving book sales.

A challenging economy has thrown the publishing world into disarray with plummeting book sales and fewer titles getting real support from the major publishers. In this environment however, some authors are thriving with an increasing demand for their work, offers of lucrative speaking engagements, and other opportunities that people with “author status” attract. We have a proprietary process that assures our clients’ success as authors and also in their business life.

We serve authors in a unique way: we focus on an author’s entire platform rather than solely on the book itself. Your platform is the sum total of your books, articles, speaking engagements, online presence, professional activities, media appearances, fan database, and the rest. Authors with an established platform sell exponentially more books and garner other important benefits. They also get the best agents and the biggest book deals.

For professionals who are considering writing a book to enhance their business, we have a methodology for completing your book in 60 days, quite painlessly. We assist you to define the subject matter, within your expertise, that will deliver the maximum personal brand value and then we package it the most mediagenic manner possible. We know that any remarkable person can easily write a book; we make sure it’s a success.

For established authors who are not getting the attention they have in the past, we mix Hollywood style publicity with powerful personal branding strategies to package your work and expertise. We then use image, media, and speech coaches to prepare you to communicate your message in a sharp compelling manner. Then we launch you with a publicity-enhanced brand rollout to build a national audience for your brand and your book.

Platform Strategy has a remarkable record also with new authors, whose work has not yet been recognized by a publisher or the public. Our process separates you and your work from the rest; typically resulting in a book deal with strong publicity support and a reasonable shot at one or more best seller lists.

Leverage our experience in the publishing, entertainment, journalism, and technology sectors to achieve author status and then maximize the benefits once you reach that goal.

If you are ready to maximize your income, optimize your personal brand, and join the ranks of elite best selling authors, call us.